Located in Downtown Greeley, Aunt Helen's Coffee House will connect you to our community by offering an exceptional, warm and 'sassy' experience.  

Aunt Helen has unique advice, amazing food, excellent coffee and fantastic specialty teas.

Aunt Helen's [opening March 2017] honors our family's Great Aunt Helen. She is 105 years old, still lives in Downtown Greeley and is the inspiration for the coffee house.  Aunt Helen is a no-nonsense person who tells it like it is, appreciates practical people and is a "get to the point" kind of person.  In her honor, we ask you, "Come to Aunt Helen's, have some coffee & mind your own damn business"



M-F 7a-6p
Sa 8A-4P
Su Closed

800 8th Ave. Ste, 101
Greeley, CO 80631